Bar stools and dining chairs

Bar stools are basically stools which are used in dining,Bar stools and dining chairs Articles kitchen and more often in a bar setup. The difference between a bar stool and an ordinary stool is that bar stools comes with foot rest and a taller than a standard stool. Bar stools are very common in bars where the design of the bar counter is such that a high sitting arrangement is necessary to drink from the counter. However modern kitchens and even homes are also getting fascinated with the idea of using these sitting options. The design of a bar stool is somewhat a show add for the average room; however you need to pick the right design and material for that. Bar stools are also used in a bar setup at home and thus they add to the glamour of the room. Bar stools can be further customized to be used not only in the pool sides but also in some in-house spectator sports like billiards and snookers. They are there customized for the audience to sit and enjoy the game.

They come in various shapes and sizes although the general design has to be a tall one which is so typical of a bar stool. However the material can be plastic, wooden or even metallic depending upon the general set up of the location and the surrounding where the stools will be placed. Bar stools come with a foot rest, usually they are without a backrest though some do come with a backrest as well. They are usually not floor mounted in a household setup but in the commercial setup it is common to have them floor mounted and fitted to it using screw or angle brackets. This prevents them to be stolen and also reduces the possibility of having them misplaced. They add that extra glamour to the traditional bars. Nowadays offbeat materials like bamboo are also being used to manufacture them. This can be a wonderful idea for a Polynesian style Tiki bar with all the usual masks and other objects to complete the theme.

There are certain aspects to look into while buying bar stools for your home. A standard bar stool is about 30” in sitting height. The standard height for a domestic kitchen counter bar stool is about 26”. However before buying a bar stool for your home ensure to measure the height of the counter and also the space that you have to place the stools. It is not uncommon to have them made to your custom measurements and designing requirements. If your seller is willing to do that for you at a nominal charge then take that option as it is always better to have a custom designed stool rather than something that will not go with the general design and layout of your kitchen.

Breakfast bar stools are shorter than the normal ones. A standard bar stool is about 30” in height, however a kitchen or breakfast bar stool can be about 26” or less depending upon the height or your kitchen and breakfast counter plus also depending upon the space you have. If your seller gives you the option to custom order them, take it as they would be the right size and greatly enhance the look and feel of your kitchen. They are made of a wide variety of materials depending upon your choice. The usual Aluminum stools are standard varieties but nowadays there are a wide lot of options including wooden stools which greatly increase the ambience of the room. Say if you have a kitchen with wooden décor then going for a wooden breakfast bar stool would be the right idea. There are other options like chrome which is highly glossy and its appearance greatly enhances the look and feel of your kitchen together you’re your counter.

Dining chairs comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials to choose from. Starting from the original hand crafted wooden varieties to plastic and also with silver. Wooden chairs always present a grand traditional feeling when placed in the dining. Wooden chairs are handcrafted and as such can be customized to preference with special contours and designing of the arms and legs. They can be with traditional wooden finish or colored as per preference. Together with a neatly designed cushion they are traditional and add to décor of your dining room.

Plastic dining chairs are fast becoming popular luxury bar stools as they are lightweight, very durable and also come in a large variety of colors and design to choose from. So you can pick one matching exactly the general color scheme of the dining room. Plastic dining chairs are tough and they can withstand a fair amount of abuse and still look brand new. Also they are cheaper compared to wooden or silver or chrome chairs and are thus a huge savings for you. So if you are looking for cheaper alternative then plastic chairs are absolutely right for you.

Other materials include chrome which is also durable and come in glossy finish to add that shining touch to your kitchen and in Silver. Silver dining chairs are epitome of luxury. They are hand crafted, durable and have smooth contours that can be customized to fit the preference of the buyer. They by far are the best looking and add a lot of glamour to your room. They are however expensive and will put a hole in your pocket if you are budget conscious. Whatever your choice and budget is there is a dining chair right for you and waiting to be picked up.