Inspirational Gifts-A Collection of unique gifts that radiate joyful living

Inspirational gift ideas leave a mark on the mind of the one you give the gift to since it encourages him or her to endeavor for something beyond.

Inspirational Gift Ideas

You can gift a beautiful jar with 365 messages in it for each day of the year. So whenever the person you gifted the jar opens it and reads the messages,Inspirational Gifts-A Collection of unique gifts that radiate joyful living Articles he or she would feel and loved and wanted.
You can also gift some thing that shows man’s resolute courage, strength and determination to achieve success like an alloy figurine trying to push a steel chime up a mountain-shaped crystal.
Gift a glass block that has the person’s name in blocks and the meaning of the name written underneath.
A bracelet can also be gifted with an inspirational inscription engraved on it like “Life is a journey, not a destination” which would be like a reminder that every moment of life should be enjoyed.
You can also gift a stand and a whole bunch of quote cards so that everyday a new quote card can be put up on the stand and that should be inspirational.
A courage necklace would also be a good option with the Chinese proverb engraved on it “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
Gift a calendar this New Year that would be very motivating with quotes, humorous anecdotes and inspirational encouragement.
A ring can also be given with a personalized message engraved on it.
A candleholder is also a good idea with a message engraved on it. This gift would last longer and would always remind people of you.
An affirmation all is also a nice inspirational gift. With the smiley ball come 20 inspirational messages, which make you feel happy always?
You can also gift a laminated piece of wood that would have a message printed on it like an inspirational quote.
You can also choose a silver pendant on which some inspirational message would be engraved like Thoreau’s message “Live the life you have imagined”.

Inspirational Quote Books


Buy a book full of positive or inspirational quotes geared to your friend’s personality or interests. Gift books with inspirational sayings can motivate people from all backgrounds. Consider “The Great Book of Inspiring Quotations: Motivational Sayings for All Occasions” by Peter Klavora and Dave Chambers or “Great Quotes from Great Leaders” by Peggy Anderson for history buffs. Sports fans will appreciate “The Lombardi Rules: 26 Lessons from Vince Lombardi—the World’s Greatest Coach.” Uplifting quotes for all situations can be found in “The Book of Positive Quotations, 2nd Edition.”
Music to Live By


Music inspires people whether they’re in severe doldrums or already in a good mood, so pick out a CD (or send a digital download) by a favorite artist. These will vary greatly, depending on the person; some people listen to songs that remind them of their adolescence or another memorable time of their life. Others enjoy soothing New Age music by Enya, John Tesh and similar artists. Choose elevating gospel or Christian musical CDs for religious friends. Urban gospel artists like Darlene McCoy or the R & B-tinged songs of Kirk Franklin would appeal to those with more modern tastes while classics like “The Best of Mahalia Jackson” capture traditional gospel lifeandyou sounds. Treat your friend to a live concert by a cherished performer for a spur-of-the-moment inspirational surprise.
Personalized Scrapbooks


Personalize a photo album or scrapbook with pictures, memorabilia and favorite quotes. Design the memento with favorite colors, designs (a leopard-skin background for a woman who likes rock ‘n’ roll fashions, for example) to give a homemade gift that extra personal touch. You can also make a video “scrapbook” and send your friend a DVD version instead.
Mugs and Posters for Everyday Inspiration

Buy mugs, calendars, posters or other everyday household items with inspirational sayings on them. Most people who work in large offices know about the framed motivational posters from Winner’s Choice or smiley-face coffee mugs. But personalized items with your friend or relative’s name or favorite saying on them can be ordered through (see the link in Resources), or other companies.