How to Attach Front Lace Wigs Using Double Sided Tape

Joining a front ribbon hairpiece isn’t quite as troublesome as it might appear. With only a tad practice you will end up being a master of unfolding your hairpiece and will actually want to do it without help from anyone else like clockwork, with no difficulty by any means. One of the significant advantages of a front trim hairpiece is that you can apply it yourself, dissimilar to different sorts of hairpieces that require an additional arrangement of hands.

Twofold sided tape and Fluid Cements

The two most normal materials utilized for joining front ribbon hairpieces is twofold sided tape and fluid glue. Both of these items are best applied to uncovered skin on the scalp or on an area of outrageous going bald or thinning up top. However, simply utilize no twofold sided tape or cement. Rather, you ought to constantly utilize connection items that are planned and fabricated explicitly for this utilization.

Stage One

To apply your front double sided tape trim hairpiece utilizing tape, first set up your tape by trimming it into pieces of roughly 3 crawls long, by 4 creeps in width. Presently take one of your bits of tape and put it on the polyurethane tape fix region, right where the trim front interfaces with it. The following stage is to put the strip on the front hairline where it meets the edge of the trim.

Trim and Form

Presently immovably apply pressure, so it is held down set up. Presently rehash the methodology until you have joined the whole front edge of the trim to the actual hairpiece. Additionally, make sure to apply sufficient strain to the hairpiece each time that you apply your tape strips. As you move around your head with the tape strips, you will wind up doing some tape managing, so the end completed work forms to the state of your